I had no idea what to expect.

What would you recommend we eat?

Noam has a very nice smile.

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Every year, I bring my family to the capital.

I won't let him go there.

We must think about recycling energy.

Blacks need not apply.

No matter how bad it gets, she won't die of that kind of sickness.


That's the woman about whom I talked.

You think that I'm wasting my time with him.

He left for London the day before yesterday.


She raises Arabian horses.

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Speaking a foreign language correctly is much harder than understanding one.

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He is not stupid.

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Jean-Pierre was doing what he loved.


Jeanette is quite considerate.

I'm looking forward to spending time with my family.

My English is not good enough to explain my trouble.


You weren't even listening to Tai.

It will bring down trouble on your family.

I haven't seen her since she moved to Boston.

She's shallow and materialistic.

This book is heavy reading.

He's an Ashkenazi Jew.

Why don't you go over to Sharon's?


The accident has caused many deaths.

This hotel is better than that hotel.

It was just water.


Is it true that men have oilier skin than women?

Ahmet isn't very likely to know where Louise keeps her address book.

These young people are talking loudly amongst themselves and have absolutely no regard for those around them.

The German Chancellor is plagued by immigration problems.

Hey, what's so funny?

Why do you say such horrible things about me?

Turn around and open your eyes.

Stalin makes the other people worried.

They shared feelings.

I booked us a hotel in Galway tonight.

Why would somebody want to live there?

His brother bullied me.

Can you take me home now?


Please give me a map of the town.

Neal was so surprised he was speechless.

The country air will do you good.

I don't suppose you're going to let me go there by myself.

I can beat you.

Nature photos of animals taken in complete tranquility and serenity, are truly masterpieces.

Justin overslept.

You are not brooding and existing in your own head.

He did not live up to expectations.

A baby is God's opinion that life should go on.

The sheets are clean.

When he came to, he was tied to a chair in the basement.

It was a pretty amazing experience.


You cannot see heaven until you are dead yourself.

Hwa and Per are intelligent people.

What time do you prefer to work?


I will work to the best of my ability.

We just broke up.

Heidi seems hesitant to do that.

He also speaks French.

I still think Stu is innocent.

You shouldn't call people liars.

I daresay you are going to go no matter what.

Ramon is studying agriculture.

He accompanies his words with blows.

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I'd like to ask you a question, but if this is a bad time, I can come back at another time.

He doesn't even notice me.

He heaped abuse on the rather surprised clerk.

They would make a perfect couple.

Billie and Merton are planning to vote for the same candidate.

What make of car is it?

She never married.


It's at the corner.

Hugh slept under a bridge last night.

We take the same bus to work.

Lisa is the one I really have to persuade.

You're a swell guy, Kerri.

They hugged.

"Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence."

Please call me up tonight at my office.

I have no sexual desire.

I was within an ace of winning.

I feel at ease.

Ron has his reasons for doing that.

The Siberian Tiger is on the verge of the crisis of extermination.

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There's something you need to do.

The plan is incapable of alteration.

We need to make some changes.

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He could not send his son to school.

There are a lot of questions that need answering.

I hear you clear.

Perry is standing just in back of Trey.

Ricardo grabbed the rope that was lowered from the helicopter.

More recently, some hutongs have been designated as protected areas in an attempt to preserve this aspect of Chinese cultural history.

What was inside the box?

I'm gonna make my first mischief.

I frequently go to the islands of Menorca and Ibiza.

What's your lawyer's name?

Insects are the only winged arthropods.

I didn't make you a cripple.

He keeps a ferret as a pet.

I don't want to think too much about it.

Is that a no?

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This carpet feels nice.

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We can't just ignore them.

What are the rules of engagement?

Hui has made up his mind already.

I didn't know the actor until I saw the movie.

Maya priests learned much about astronomy.

The Russians copy the French ways, but always fifty years later.

I don't want to sit next to him.

Tell me where the police station is.

My father has made me what I am.

Marci is unpredictable, isn't he?

She seems interested in him.

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The cost amounted to five thousand yen.

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Where can I buy silk?


I think I'll ride back with Marguerite.


I will borrow a pen.

The nurse fell in love with her patient.

Taro stayed in Tokyo for three days.

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There's no buried treasure here.

I can buy what I need at a store near my house.

I'm very pleased.

We should've stayed till the end of the party.

He is getting better quickly.

When did you last talk to Spudboy?

We have to figure out what happened to Dieter.

A lot has changed since the seventies, although long hair has still not quite gone out of fashion.

Adam isn't the only one here who doesn't know what to do.


Leith made several corrections.


I read a book while I eat.

Let me know your exam results.

I could understand the first few sentences, but the rest of his speech was all Greek to me.

Man's best friend certainly makes a good addition to a household.

I'm not from Boston.

Eileen forgave you.

I've admired Stefan for a long time.

Language learning isn't a short distance race; it's a marathon.

The fields lay covered with deep snow.

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Lisa has gone back to his hotel.

I would prefer to get a divorce.

Kusum doesn't know the difference between a mule and a donkey.

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Mysore took another look at the picture.

Over there, they don't say that it's prohibited. In fact, they say that it's mandatory.

He was from Texas or thereabout.


Pravin is losing weight.

This work has to be finished by Monday.

The debate is continuing.

He's a tycoon.

I'll be back in touch soon.

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A very pleasant young woman waited on me in the department store.

Loren took the stairs two at a time.

She's obsessed with the Harry Potter books.

Do you believe in miracles? You don't? But they believe in you.

We talk frequently.

It's not essential to wait.

We're not sure Sridhar is coming.

The savage in man is never quite eradicated.

This dog is the biggest in this town.

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Did you see which way Norm went?

There is no way I'm letting you do this alone.

Please turn in your report by next Saturday.


It's important to do it with a textbook adapted to your level.

Lynne was astounded and fascinated by what he saw there.

Do you want some raisins?