The detective promised to look into the matter right away.

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Jos will be stopped.

This argument is pure rhetoric.

Price sat by the window, reading a book.


He died a sad death.

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He has not less than 100 dollars.


I rode my bike to the dentist in the rain.

I went fast.

The man on the phone told me that if I don't pay the ransom, I'll never see my little Johnny again!

Everybody thinks so.

Poinsettias are poisonous to cats and dogs.

I recognized Juri right away.

I just bought it last week.

What an excellent idea!

He got the twelve o'clock train.

The plane from Chicago arrived at the airport late at night.

Edward Sapir was an American linguist.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I sent her home.


The modern Japanese politics is bad.

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I'll tell her you dropped by.

Friends and relatives are invited.

I was too glad not to jump up.

Fear of failure prevents many people from reaching their full potential.

You are always pissed off.

Don't make a fuss over Lindsay.

Soon, it won't be unheard of to live to 150.

Man is born a sinner.

I have a pain in my foot.

Despite the fact that Oskar keeps saying I was the only man she'd like to marry, when I proposed to her, she said "NO". I cannot make head or tail of it.

I need to buy new skis.

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I wasn't nervous.

This is Ken. He really likes his dog.

I've played tennis with Valeria several times.

Conrad doesn't need to wait any longer.

Dear passengers! The Minsk City Council and the Executive Committee of the City of Minsk cordially send their greetings on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ and the new year and wish you happiness, health and well-being.

I'm taking Perry some food.

I'm very optimistic about this.


No one will know.

You're wiser than you know.

Access to the mountaintop is difficult.

The burglar gained access to the house through this door.

Julius won't return my calls.


However tired I may be, I must work.

We've got to clean the living room before mom gets home.

Man, I hate this guy.

You have to spend more time with your son.

Leung knew Andreas wanted to move to Boston.


In the end, he did not come.


Look here.

Corey is going to learn to drive this summer.

Kim opened his mouth to speak.


You aren't young.

The issue is quite familiar to us.

For the holidays, I'm going to Tokyo for a week.


They were not impressed.

His words set everybody roaring with laughter.

Why was Raghu told to come here?

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I'm glad we hired you for this job.

What does he do on Saturday afternoons?

Blood and violence fascinate them.

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Actually, I feel like talking.

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Huashi came home drunk every night last week.

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His eyes were heavy with sleep.

Have you ever eaten this dish?

Her father never let her go into the city with her friends.

At last, a chance in a million arrived.

Victoria wrung the chicken's neck.

Do fries go with that shake?

I came by taxi from the station.


I'll always be there for them.

Darryl can't make his own decisions.

Maybe we'll get lucky.


Who's ready for more?

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I'm 99% sure it's true.

Radioactive cesium in amounts exceeding limits has been measured on young lancefish caught in Fukushima prefecture.

Knowledge is the supreme goal.

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Irfan set fire to Frances's house.

Old went into his dressing room.

He quit.

You go to the market.

It goes without saying that those who are awake to their own rights must respect those of others.

She lives alone.

She cut me dead in the street.


Emma didn't want to spend too much time discussing that.

That was the last time I saw her.

I'm the one who makes the decisions.

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We need to find out what time Steve will be arriving.

The dog is the human's best friend.

Have you told Billy about what happened yesterday at school?


Talk is cheap, but thought is free.


The tables have turned.


I don't know what you want and I don't care.

Strange things have happened in these woods.

I can't stop her.

He received a ticket in return for the money.

Dan is worried about Linda's baby.


I'm glad things worked out for you.

The sky turned dark.

She was doing the washing then.

I can assure you there is no need to do that.

Jeffie is coming up the front walk.

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People always make fun of me when they find out I'm colorblind.

Welcome to our house.

Intimate photos were stolen from many celebrities' phones.

Why the heck did you do this?

Rajiv accused Edmund of stealing.


Slowly she disappeared in the nebulous woods.

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We can't let him in.

What are you doing in there?

She was bullied as a kid.


I know Randolph wanted to meet you.

I speak of a lion.

I enjoy walks and talks on the beach.


Such things as television and computers could not have been dreamed of fifty years ago.

Please consider what I have said.

She observes my good friend.

Have a nice evening.

What key is the symphony in?

Ti was Evelyn's only friend.

We have lots of other things to drink.

He has very little knowledge of geography.

Now do you understand?

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We heard the sound of helicopters overhead.

Speaking French isn't easy, but it's fun.

My wife has given up all hope of convincing me to mow the lawn today.

Just don't volunteer any new information.

Some voters waited hours to vote.

It looks like Part has had a few too many drinks.

Adrian is no good for you.


I must apologize.

I'm telling you this because I don't want to have any secrets from you.

It's going to be closed.

It's never too late to say no.

The situation resulted in violence.


She looks odd in those clothes.


Taxes should be levied in proportion to ability to pay and in proportion to the benefits received. Income was wisely chosen as the measure of benefits and of ability to pay.


I was happy for her.

Where did you translate them?

I expected Randolph to be at my party.

I write sentences on Tatoeba once in a blue moon.

That's real helpful.


We didn't have a chance.

Hey, I can help.

I drove all the way from Boston.

Do you know where we could find Stacy?

I'll talk to Mickey when he gets home.

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You seem to be busy now.

The camel can go a long time without water and food.

Hungary closed its most important train station.


She has not yet had her name entered in her husband's family.

Yesterday was more fun than today.

You will never win.


I made photocopies.

I'm a hero.

It is likely to rain today.


If that happens, I'll resign.