She wasn't beautiful, but she had big, kind brown eyes and a sweet smile.

She was at a loss for an answer.

Raj knew exactly where to go.

Dan judged the plan impossible.

He's in fantastic shape.

Do you think it'll make a difference?


It's normal for friends not to get along sometimes.

Remove the tourniquet.

I think Leora doesn't know how to speak French.


Consequent conduct is specified.

Do it yourself.

On the one hand he is kind to everyone, but on the other hand he never behaves with too much familiarity.

In 1779, Spain entered the war against the British.

Michel would defend me.

We have to do that.

Ric and Leo trust each other.

Erwin just wants to show off.

What're the odds?


Hein is just an average Joe.

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Take whatever you want in the fridge.

Japan produces a lot of good cameras.

We need to get this done now.

The children were busy preparing their lessons.

I can't imagine what Kyu might be thinking about.

I want to write an article.

Do you want me to answer?


He'll come before lunch if he comes at all.

They crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Clarissa didn't sleep.

She isn't answering her phone.

Not only is sex a safe activity but it is also recommended against depression, and contrary to other physical activities, food or even video games, you can't have too much of it.

Spying on gangsters was a dangerous venture.

I want a new knife.

Have you been to Kyoto?

The pain in my heart just gets worse.

Why are men so dumb?

I'm telling you I saw something.

How is his surname pronounced?

I'll pay whatever it costs.

He is in bad health because he walked in the rain.

Earth is the densest planet of the Solar System.

This is not my cat.

Let me give it a try.

My brother has never been beaten at tennis.

You don't want to seem desperate.

"I care very deeply for you", she confessed.

I would play tricks on my brother.

He told me that he liked to work in Chad.

What natural foods help curb the appetite?

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What's your waist size?

I'm not going if you don't invite Aimee, too.

If I could be reborn, I would want to be the child of a rich family, then I'd be set for life.

The thin man killed the fat man.

Karaoke, TV games, videos and a fridge ... love hotels nowadays really have everything.

Leung caught me.

Clark doesn't usually get enough sleep.

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Tomorrow two young Esperanto speakers are coming from Europe.

You're just making that up, aren't you?

I knew they would suspect him.

It is pretty cold.

This is no one's fault.

That's avoidable.

I didn't like the result.

They burned themselves.

We should have set off earlier.


Follow the tram line and after ten minutes you will se it on the right side.

That's the limit.

How much time do you spend every day helping your children with their homework?


Thierry is taller than anybody else.

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I need to configure this server with an appropriate firewall system.

You shouldn't eat raw snails.

He has no friends to advise him.


I have a delivery for you.


Do we really want to do that?


I have a friend who lives on a boat.


Grandchildren don't make a man feel old, it's the knowledge that he's married to a grandmother.

I don't like playing on a team.

Jinchao was carrying an armful of books.

I didn't know you didn't like Herbert.

He caught me by the arm.

Rainer said that he left his wallet at home.

He who loves not wine, woman and songs, remains a fool his whole life long.

I can't get through to Ralf.

I can think of him as a very good friend, but I can't think of him as a lover.

Could you give me a second?

I'm looking out the window right now.

That is our neighbour.

You didn't touch it, did you?


I've seen you play tennis.

My younger brother is taller than I.

They left one after another.


We weren't able to buy tickets, so we didn't go to the concert.

The town has beautiful surroundings.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

Kanthan is expected to arrive momentarily.

People told Maria that she was cute, but the mirror said: "You are much more than cute, you are beautiful!"


In order to lose weight, it is best to take up some sport.


She exuded nothing but confidence going into the final round.


Raman doesn't know what Raif wants to eat for dinner.


Tollefsen is already duly impressed.


It was quite possible to buy a house, just as it is in England, provided one gives up the idea of buying a home one likes, and at a reasonable price.


I need seventy meters of cable.

There's no way I'm going to find Linley in this place.

All the students of the university have access to the university library.

I plan to go to America next year.

We're going to miss you.

I don't like Shahid that much.

Bradford couldn't understand why no one else seemed to be happy.

Celia is very kind, just like you.

Ric thinks it's great.

What do you eat for lunch?

Jinny used to do that better than he does now.

She started crying, "Ah! Ah!"

Jeffery didn't go to Boston last weekend.


I'll get in trouble if I do that.


Life is one big party.

I can see something up ahead.

Where's Barbra's ticket?

It would never occur to Kate to keep a confidence if he thought that revealing it might assuage his soap bubble of an ego.

Hasn't anybody ever told you that before?

Laurel doesn't seem to like you very much.

Vivek couldn't play the guitar.

Mysore had something else on his mind.

You might want to reconsider that.

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I said good morning.

Cliff wasn't upset by what Ellen said.

Sometimes when people are uncomfortable they smile.

I think it strange that he didn't speak to you.

Naren wrote Sylvan a long letter.

Did you take note of the telephone number?

"Who died?" "His little dog."


I saw him run away.


There is no reason why you shouldn't do such a thing.

What exactly do you remember about the accident?

They are not being careful.

Let's shake hands and be friends.

There was damage to the computer.

You must realize that I can't help you.

Tatoeba is open source software.

They will come look for Thad after school.

Our train leaves at eight-thirty.

Collin closed his mouth.

Are you sure you don't want to wait for Lou?

No one is at fault.

He should have bought some pencils.

My wife never wanted to have kids.

"These cars are yours?" "Yes, they're mine."


They always go skiing in winter.


What's wrong with everyone today?

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The buses ran back and forth almost empty.

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You have known from a long time what to do.

Would you like to drink a bit tonight?

They went on a cruise and bought jewellery, paid for by Health Canada dollars.

Can you make it special delivery?

I'll tell Franklin to stay outside.

I tried to help him, but I couldn't.

There on the top of a high mountain they built a small town of their own and lived in peace.


We won't leave anyone here by themselves.


The password is long.

Take your hand off my back.

He mutilated his genitals with a knife.

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Let's strive after virtue and give up vice.

We've got much bigger problems to deal with.

Chip spoke softly.

The girl is not old enough to be responsible.

I don't blame him for this.